follow your heart

Friday, September 03, 2004


well i'm a frustrated singer!!! naku your ears are gonna burn when you hear me sing so i'm just gonna do it here. At least you don't get to hear me but feel me instead...hahahaha! well i said FEEL coz the songs i'm gonna sing eh medyo means something to me...before, right now or maybe in the future...guess what na lang!!!

"let me sleep
for when i sleep
i dream of you
are here with me" <>

" some people live for the fortune. some people live just for the fame. some people live for the power yeah. some people live just to play the game...... some people think that the physical things define what's within..and i've been there before, but that life's a bore. so full of the superficial....Some people want it all but i don't want nothing at all if it ain't you baby, if i ain't got you baby. Some people want diamond rings. some just want everything, but everything means nothing IF I AINT GOT YOU"

" swaying room as the music starts. strangers filling the most of the dark. two by two their bodies become one. i see you through the smokey air. can't you feel the weight of my stare. you're so close but still a world away. but i'm dying to say. you see i'm crazy for you, touch me once and you'll know it's true. i never wanted anyone like this. it's so brand new. i fell it in you kiss. I'm Crazy For You!!! <>

" Time i've been passing time watching trains go by, all of my life. Lying on the sand watching sea birds fly. Wishing there would be. someone waiting home for me. and it's telling me it might be you. i'ts telling me i might be You....." <>

" ...You are the one, you are the one that i've been searching for, my whole life through. you are the one, you are the one that i've been longing for and now that i found you. I'll never let you go, i'll hold you in my arms, for you are the one.."

" I look into your eyes, so far away. There's trouble on your mind, you're losing faith. Hey now let me hold you. it will be OK. and i will love you, Till They Take my Heart Away...."

"I'll be you crying shoulder, i'll be love suicide. And i'll be better when i'm older. I'll be the greatest fan of you life" <>

" ....i wanna hold you in my dreams and make believe that it's true. and though i know i know that it's impossible to do coz you're a're a million miles away from me"...<>

at sana wag naman dumating sa....

" ...How do you heal a broken heart the feels like it will never beat this much again, oh no. I just can't let go. How do you heal a broken heart that feels like it will never love this much again, Oh no. Tonight i hold what could be right, tomorrow i'll pretend to let you go..."

" ...Wish i could be the one, the one who could give you love. the kind of love you really need. Wish i could say to you, that i'll always stay with you. But abby that's not me. You need someone will to give their heart and soul to you. Promise you forever, Baby that's something i can't do. Or i can say that i'll be all you need but that would be a lie. I know i'd only hurt you, i know i'd only make you cry. I'm not the one you needed I LOVE YOU, GOODBYE"

well all i can say is.... FOLLOW YOUR HEART!!!! thanks for singing with me....=)

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

i can make it through the RAIN!

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day! Just when i thought everything would be OK then comes the Rain. hehehe! I have a meeting this afternoon with San Miguel regarding Oktoberfest and i'm not sure if i'm ready for it. Well Ms. A is still in the Hospital, Garlic too is in the Hospital for her Dad, Ms. Winnie (talent coordinator) is on her way to vietnam and Ms. Billet is trapped in her house because of the Rain/ Flood. I still dont have the presentation, i dont know the sequence of the show, i dont have the availabilities of the Bands and Artists yet!!! Oh God Help me!!! But whatever it is, i know i can do it! DAPAT noh coz "career" ang nakasalalay dito!

Jus the other night eh my friend consulted me for a problem/ bad situation he has gotten himself into. He's so depressed and feeling so helpless and all. Then came out the preacher in me!!! I told him that: People make mistakes so that they may learn from it and become a better person. Life is Beautiful but Life is not easy too, it's unfair and all but if we fight whatever bad trials that come along eh it will not work as we wanted it to be. What we can do is identify the problem, accept it, find your options in solving it, pray and ask for enlightenment then decide what to do with it. Easier said than done but that's just the way it is. We should be able to overcome each and every trial that comes our way because through those trials eh we are able to bring out the best in us (if we look at it in a positive way). hirap noh! for me kse, nothing is really hopeless in this world. As long as there is life eh there's HOPE. Hope to have a better life, hope to have a better relationship with our family and friends, hope to get whatever we want out of our lives. Having a better life donesnt mean having an easy life.

He questioned me how some people will have a good life if they are born in a slum with the poorest of the poor families, if they can't go to school and all those not so NICE givens in our life. I told him that it's all in the character and decision of the person. We Make Our Own Destiny! an example i can make is a Fishball Vendor. How can he improve his life if he has a family to feed, only grade 6 educational attainment and only fishball to offer. Well maybe he could save some money everytime and after sometime he'll be able to afford to get another fishball cart or save some money for his family to start a barbeque stand in front of their house or sell candies or whatever. I know di ganon kadali but the point is if we decide that we need to improve our lives eh we will be able to find ways to do it. If we tumble around thinking of how bad things are and how life is so unfair, NOTHING will happen to us. But if we accpet that life is difficult and unfair and find ways to get through it; then i'm sure things will be better, not easy but better.

I made a lot of mistakes in my life too. Taking an engineering course was a mistake but i acted on it by pursuing the life that i want. i started with the student council with the school activities, i went to working while studying to learn the craft of events, PA (Production Assistant, Personal Alalay, Palaging utos) at first then tried talking and went into some sort of MArketing,then production/ events coordinator, Project Manager,Scripwriter, Logistic Director, Creative Events Director, Floor Director, Road Manager...all in 8 long years and counting! not easy but i have a goal in my life and whatever it is that comes along, i should be able to get that goal. Empowering ourselves despite the uncertainties and the "kakulangan" will get us to where we wanna be. I'm not saying that i'm there already but im going there na. It's a journey. Life is a Journey. We meet people, have problems, find solutions, eat drink sleep have fun but at the end of the day, it's how we are able to get through the ups and downs of the journey that matters and will decide if we lived our life as the way it should be.

Sa lovelife...naku complicated!!!! hahaha. next time na natin pagusapan. kanta na lang tayo......" I can make it through the rain.... i can stand up once again.....on my own and i know that i'm strong enough to mend, and everytime i feel afraid... i hold tighter to my faith and i live one more day and I'll Make It Through The Rain."

napakanta ka noh!!! hahahaha....

Saturday, August 21, 2004

The TIME is Right!

well i finally got things right! well when it come to the TIMEZONE of my BLOG. hahaha! I'm not that super internet junkie and all kaya i don't really explore on stuffs too much. well i finally got it right. I was in the Los Angeles Time Zone but now i'm now in manila. where i should be!

What an Introduction! TIME. it is one of the evry important things in our lives. we are all bound to follow whatever time dictates to us. For me i need to wake-up at a certain time to get to where i need to go. Meetings should be on time. Call Times for the Bands. The time of Performance that is and time to sleep. time to eat. time to call. time to text. time to blog. time to work. time to talk. time to write. time to watch. time to do whateever we want. Time to be HAPPY and time to LOVE (at sana be LOVED din!) hahahaha!

for the longest TIME, i have been following my heart as to where my life should go. There have been the UPS and the DOWNS of course but the most beautiful thing is that i had a great TIME along the way. With the best things that has happend in my life, i'm most grateful of the people i came to be with and spent times with. Although some of them may not be there anymore, im so happy to be part of their lives and them as part of mine too. I consider everbody as my friends. Lifetime Friends. For that BADS Times, well we all have to go through these so that we'll be able to correct the wrong things that we do. These are the trying times that we should be able to make ourselves better persons as we can be.

well time to eat! and time to take a bath. then time to go to work! See yeah...

p.s. late ko na kwento ang revelation or whatever ni Heinz about this TIME of my life na i've been going through. hahahaha!

Thursday, August 19, 2004

Great Time!!!

super naging toxic ang mga days ko. grabe! pero managable naman eh. wala pa yata ito sa mga projects ko before. we had a meeting at san miguel for the Oktoberfest Event! still can't believe we got the project kahit na super rush namin ginawa yun presentation at super dami ng palpak na nangyari nun nagpresent kami. hehehe! after the meeting eh i went straight to Dish for the Launch of the Michelle Ayalde fairness, dami ng press at maganda ang pagkakaperform ng lola that night. panalo!!! then napagkaisahan ang mga taga star at pina JAM with the next band. First contestant eh si Ms. A then si Sheryn then si Divo at si Johan Escanan. Nakakaloka at ang mga taga-Star eh super sinabi kay Johan na Crush ko sya. SHET!!!! kakahiya sa kanya. Buti na lang mabait at di naiilang kahit pinagtutulungan na kami!!! We then went to coffee bean sa isa pang napakahabang kwentuhan na enjoy naman. Tuesday was hectic to with the Voice Lessons of Charlotte that i need to arrange then the OPM Myx Guesting of Elements na kasabay ng Internal meeting sa Star re Oktoberfest. Nakita ko pala si RJ...ah si Raphael pala sa may Cafeteria. Kulit talaga! At di pa dyan natapos ang araw...punta pa ako bagaberde for Elements with Nina. wow! 11pm na at 12 hours na akong paikot-ikot. Ang bad trip pa eh na-cut pa ang smart line ko dahil as usual, exceed na naman ako sa credit limit. hehehe! pigilan kse ang pagtatawag at sobrang text! Naku sa isang month yata eh nakaka 1000++ text ako. super pagod kaya sinagad ko ang tulog ng wed. 1pm na ako tumayo sa kama. not much to do kaya punta ako sa don bosco to check on the status ng JIG Event at magchika-chika sa mga friends. Haay sana talaga OK na!!!

grabe super dami ng tao sa Dish last night for Freestyle and Nina, syempre with Element kaya bantay na mana ako.hehehehe! sayang di nakaabot si Joseph kse nasa taping pa sya ng SCQ Reload. Well we still met at punta na lang sa BAgaberde. At least naabutan namin ang last set ni Nyoy at pinainom kami ni gerbel ng Baileys. sarap pala nun! at nagustuhan di yata ng lolo Joseph. Kwentuhan to the max ito hanggang 4.30am. naku napuyat yata si joseph at medyo madami din nainom...yikes! eh minsan lang naman uminom eh... Had a Great Time! Hectic but Great!!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

sarap siguro matulog ng mahaba!!!!

Haller! I just realized when i looked at my schedule, di na pala ako nag-oOff. super tuloy tuloy ang work. ok lang. enjoy naman eh. especially that i spent most of my time with people i like, love and enjoy to be with. Last sunday JEFF, the vocalist for elements guested sa ASAP Fanatic. Syempre USHER Look-a-like yun kaya pinakanta ng BURN. well i got to see the SCQ Guys again. Kulit talaga ni Raphael. hehehe! pero nakakatuwa yun kakulitan nya. of course si joseph na gustong makipagkilala kay....secret!!! showbiz...hehehe! Si joross naman eh super kanta ng kanta (Rap Pala) nun sa commercial ng Knorr Sinigang sa Miso. Kulit din!

After nun eh i went with sheryn sa megamall for a store vist sa oddysey record bar. syempre kanta ang lola kahit di masyado maganda and microphone at sound system. Carry syempre! nakakaloka lang eh ginawa akong HOST. super Voice over lang nun una then naging host na super promote ng album ni sheryn. well ok lang, para sa aking friend eh gagawin ko yun syempre kahit walang budget. hahaha!

at hindi pa dyan nagtatapos ang araw ko....i went naman to the rehearsal of Elements with Michelle Ayalde for her LAunch. Grabe. Todo na ito! super pagod kaya nagpunta kami sa City Lifestyle para magpamasahe. Super sarap! tanggal ang pagod at stress. pero ganun din yata at di kami natulog for the Breakfast Guesting sa Stuidio 23 nun mga gig sound bands na syempre kasama elements. Although nakatulog ako ng konti sa star record eh kulang na kulang! super 10am na ako nakauwi at natulog.

speaking of tulog eh sleep na ako....antok na ako!!!!

Promo Ito!!!

wow! medyo dumadami na ang nagpopost ng comments at the same time eh give messages sa tag board. super thanks!!! i'm sooooo touched. hahahaha! well these are just announcements that's part of my work:

San Miguel Oktoberfest...well since i'm in charge of the entertainment division of the event, i'll be looking for amateur/ college bands who would wanna perform for the oktoberfest. Of course all i can offer is EXPOSURE and the chance to be discovered. for those who are interested or if you know people who would wanna avail of this offer...please email me the band profile with pix and contact numbers (we'll contact you if ever). By the way, it's open to all genre, acoustic, r&b, retro, rock/alternative (sana di po masyadong maingay kse ayaw ng san miguel ng super heavy rock, sumali na lang yan sa MUSIKLABAN), hiphop, etc.

Well as you know, i'm road managing a band called ELEMENTS. They have a cut in the newly released GIG SOUNDS ALBUM...ang song nila dun eh yun remake ng "HOW DO YOU HEAL A BROKEN HEART". i hope you could support it sa MYX, the video will come out na. Vote kayo ha. LAso listyen to iFM 93.9...request nyo naman para dumami ang airplay. You could also request it sa ibang radio station but always mention na by ELEMENTS-Gig Sounds Album, kse baka akalain nila yun luma eh by Chris Walker. Thanks a Lot! See you at the Gigs...if you wanna go out....Aug 25 at Bagaberde, Aug 27 at Friends El Pueblo. We have mall shows too, SM Bacoor on Aug 21, SM Fairview on Aug 21. They guested na sa SCQ Reload and sa Breakfast @ studio 23.

Super Thanks for your Support!!!

Monday, August 16, 2004


iT'S AUGUST 16, 3:25AM and i'm star records office! well, there will be a promo guesting of the Elements at Breakfast so instead of going home and getting some sleep and risking that i'm gonna be late eh i decided to stay with Jamie here and wait for the 6am calltime. It has been a busy week last week because everynight eh there are gigs that i have to attend to. well no reklamo, i'm enjoying it! whew, i just remembered and counted...90 days to go before my birthday...shet!!! a year older... but what can i do. life must go on.add another year. o my gosh! well i hope to have a birthday bash...gusto ko masaya....i wanna celebrate it with the people who are dear to me. well wait na lang for the invites ha.hehehe! syempre it will depend sa financial status...hahaha!

i know it's gonna be busy in the next days becuase of the Launch that i'm doing on the 15th of September and of course OKTOBERFEST!!! wow super happy ako to be able to get the event. after all the hirap and technical bruhaha that we experienece during the presentation eh kami pa nakakuha ng event (tama ba Ms. A?) it's gonna be difficult but rest assured i know this will help me in my career. career daw oh!!!! haay i so much enjoy my work right now. masaya and i get to meet a lot of different people and that's what i truly love. well wish me luck! i hope to get everything done efficiently...hahaha! i miss GCX so much...but what can i do...Thanks Chigo for posting...grabe ikaw pa lang ang nagpost. sana dumami di ba...

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Follow Your Heart!

Why Follow Your Heart? well after reading the Andrew MAthews Book Series eh i have been inspired to take in that statement "Follow Your Heart". I've been doing so for the past years and so far it has made me a better person. Although i took up engineering as my college course, i went into the Events, TV and now the Talent Management Career which i really LOVE. I think and feel that it's the right path for me and i'm so very blessed to have found friends and co-workers who have helped me in reaching for my dreams. Long way to go but i'm sure i can achieve anything i want with Prayers, with my Commitement, perseverance and dedication, syempre with LOVE too. So all i can say is, what else "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" and you can never go wrong!